Thanks to its location in the middle of the natural riches of the Caribbean, its relaxed atmosphere, and quality of life, Tulum has exceptional value differentiators in property surplus value and the best benefits for investors. 

Particularly, Tulum attracts international tourism with very defined characteristics: they are more interested in culture and nature, with significant ecological awareness, and chase after new experiences without focusing solely on beach tourism. Here, the lifestyle and activities promote contact with nature and the Mayan jungle, which constitutes some of the city’s greatest attractions.

Why investing in Attha Holistika will be your best decision? We list its benefits:

  • Privileged location

Having a property in Tulum is one of the best decisions. Add to that a privileged location in the emerging area of the city (Holistika Tulum), and Attha Holistika becomes the best option if you want to invest or live in Tulum. Ideal for nature lovers, it is located next to the prestigious Holistika hotel, just 10 minutes from the most beautiful beaches in the world and 5 minutes from the center of Tulum.

  • Sustainable vision

Thanks to the natural energy environment surrounding Tulum and the bohemian and natural lifestyle its residents seek, Tulum is the perfect setting to live ecologically and sustainably. This sustainable essence of Tulum reflects in not only its natural reserves and archaeological zones but also in ecotourism, a growing trend worldwide.

For Attha Holistika, caring for the environment is a priority. Therefore, we integrate and respect nature with more than 2,000 m2 of private jungle for its residents. Built with ancestral materials and techniques, each studio or villa will have eco-technologies such as solar panels and water treatment systems as well as energy-efficient air conditioners.

  • Wellness Amenities 

Developed by Caribe Abita, with the experience of three developments delivered in Aldea ZamáAttha Holistika offers twenty-five studio units, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms in an area of 4,000m2 with amenities designed for the health and rest of its residents. Recharge your senses with activities that make harmony and peace flow with nature in the 20m long pool, in the temazcal, or in the outdoor gym, in addition to other services.

If you are looking for a paradise to live or invest in that allows you to reconnect with yourself and nature without losing the comforts and luxuries of a modern home, then we invite you to learn everything about Attha Holistika.

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