The most complete list of the best beach clubs in Tulum

If you are looking for an exclusive and bohemian atmosphere next to the beach, here we have the most complete list that you can find with the most trendy clubs in Tulum where you can enjoy the best music, author drinks, select gastronomy, DJ’s or an escape wellness of relaxation and inner peace with the sound of sea waves to the bottom.

Papaya Playa Project

This magical hotel offers a bohemian and chic atmosphere with tropical design. It has a wide extension with palapas overlooking the sea and terraces in the roofs with jacuzzis, some overlooking the sea and others overlooking the jungle.

In addition, it has live music, electronic music parties with the best DJs and artists around the world, Mixology of Author and Sustainable Gastronomy.

The Full Moon Party of Papaya Playa Project is iconic and have become one of the most busy events in Tulum.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 4.5, Tulum.

Telephone: 984 116 3778


Tantra Bohemian Luxury Beach Club

With a Bohemian and sophisticated aura, this exclusive Beach Club is surrounded by natural landscapes, balinese architecture and elegant beds in front of the sea. You can enjoy live music, happenings, tribal shows, and the opportunity to organize your private and romantic celebrations on the beach.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 8, Tulum.

Telephone: 984 249 8187


Taboo Tulum

Considered as one of the best restaurants and Beach Clubs in Tulum, at Taboo Tulum you will find exotic Mediterranean dishes, artisanal mixology and a spectacular environment. Its design is a fusion between the ancestral culture of Mexico and the characteristic bohemian style of Tulum, with artisanal textiles, hanging swings, pool and terraces overlooking the sea. The gastronomy of the place is Mediterranean prepared by the best chef in the area.

The days with the greatest influx at the Beach Club is from Thursday to Sunday. We always recommend booking in advance.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 7, Tulum.

Telephone: 998 690 0259


Orchid Beach House

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable Boutique hotel in front of the sea in Tulum. You can enjoy excellent cocktail options with Mexican flavors such as mezcal, tequila and much more and delicious food.

It has live music every Friday night at the Pool Side Bar and barbecue option. Whether you want to celebrate a special day or spend some time with family and friends, the hotel has special facilities to spend a spectacular moment.

Address: Tulum-Boca Pila, lot 1427, Tulum.

Telephone: 984 208 4604


Panamera Hotel Tulum

This Boutique Hotel in front of the sea has 14 rooms with restaurant and beach club.

It is ideal for those looking for experiences surrounded by design, author gastronomy and excellent music. Its design and decoration is the most trendy with an urban-colonial-caribbean atmosphere and its gastronomy, by the hand of the renowned chef Mike Beltran, it offers Mexican classics inspired by dishes from northern Mexico and rustic Mediterranean cuisine. Your cocktails include distilled and local wines. Without a doubt, a new version of the food you know home.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 8.5, Tulum.

Telephone: 998 109 2540


Mía Beach Club Tulum

This Beach Club has one of the most striking entries throughout the Tulum hotel zone. In addition, is well known for its particular nests that are manufactured from Bejuco, a typical plant of the region.

The place has excellent gastronomic proposals in its restaurants, where they offer a wide menu where sea freshness stands out in a wide variety of ceviches, tiraditos, day fishing and seafood casseroles.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 9.2, Tulum.

Telephone: 984 125 3037


Ahau Tulum

Ahau will make you experience Tulum’s magic and mysticism within his special escape at the Mexican Caribbean. It is designed to prioritize the care of nature, so it is the perfect site for those looking for a luxurious place that does not leave aside environmental consciousness and responsibility. You will find from daily yoga meditations and musical events, to culinary specialties of Mexican cuisine.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 7.5, Tulum.

Telephone: 984 147 5225



With its original architecture and natural design, it promises to be a complete and multisensory experience with Mayan rituals, DJs, live music, artistic exhibitions, international gastronomy and select mixology. In addition, its space has an infinite number of very cozy and instagrammable corners.


PHONE : 998 129 9090


Cinco Beach Club

This Boutique Hotel, located in an exuberant owned by the sea in the Tulum National Park, it is located 2 km from the archaeological zone of Tulum. This Beach Club is a family friendly  and has hammocks and beds as well as live music. You can choose to rent individual towel at a cost of $ 5 USD.

The menu is varied. Seafood is fresh and local and high-end cocktails.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 1.9, Tulum.

Telephone: 984 202 3344


Sanará Tulum

It is a totally different proposal to all the above. This bare -luxury hotel with a view to the Caribbean turquoise waters is a sanctuary of heal Real Coconut.

Sanará  will offer you a conscious environment where you can rest and recharge energies in harmony with nature. Each space has been selected as its sanctuary for deep introspection and physical healing.

Its first -level Ayurvedic welfare center forms an integral part of the experience of healing, both within its main immersion programs Nourish & Heal, and for the guests and visitors of the hotel.

Address: Tulum-Boca Road Paila Km 8.2, Tulum.

Telephone: 984 209 1357


As resident of Attha Holistika Tulum you will have exclusive access to Hotel Panamera, Orchid Beach Hotel and Sanará Tulum. Request feedback  to know all the benefits of living in Attha!

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