Solar panels are increasingly frequent, and they are currently used both in industries and at home. Thanks to its power and consistency, solar energy is one of the most reliable and used alternative fuels today. In addition to the multiple economic benefits, it also improves our quality of life and that of the environment.

How is a solar panel composed?

Known as photovoltaic cells or solar cells, this set of cells connected to each other are made of polycrystalline silicon. This material has the ability to store the light waves generated by the sun. It acts as a semiconductor of electricity that allows controlling the energy produced by the photons when they make contact with the sunlight.

We can generate considerable energy savings with minimal maintenance thanks to them since they do not need complex care.

With just one family that uses solar energy, we cease to generate up to 20,000 tons of greenhouse gases that pollute the environment, which improves air quality and therefore improves our health.

Aerial View
Aerial View


1. Solar energy is renewable.

2. It is abundant: the earth receives 120 thousand terawatts of solar radiation, 20 thousand times the energy needed in the whole world.

3. Environmentally friendly.

4. Reduces electricity costs.

5. Shared systems with “community solar gardens.”

6. It’s silent.

7. Low maintenance: The panels have up to 20 years of warranty.

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