Immersed in the tranquility of the jungle, AZULIK Tulum proposes to enhance contact with the natural environment to create meaningful experiences in a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. Among these experiences is walking barefoot through all the facilities. Upon arrival, visitors are invited to take off their shoes to come into contact with the earth. 

This boutique eco-lodge has 48 rest villas with natural elements evoking the ancestors of the Yucatan Peninsula. Each space is full of details that invite you to use the senses to inhabit the immensity of nature: the sea, the sky, the water, the moon. Even the names of the villas honor these elements and the Mayan culture. 

The property is free of electricity, so when the night falls, you will feel it necessary to turn off all your devices and live in the moment. One of the reasons for this is that Azulik Beach is a turtle nesting area, and artificial light can affect the behavior of animals in their natural habitat. In exchange, Azulik welcomes each guest with a magical atmosphere lit by candles when it gets dark.

For those seeking total relaxation, Maya Spa is inspired by ancient Mayan traditions and offers treatments with organic products and authentic purification rituals of the local culture.

Built on 12-meter stilts in the middle of the jungle, the Kin Toh restaurant, with a menu made with natural products, follows the same holistic philosophy. There you can taste dishes composed of fresh, 100% local ingredients.

The hotel also offers an exclusive service called Mystical Wanders. Hence, its guests can enjoy the area’s natural attractions in a personal and unique way. In line with the spirit of this resort: Trough visiting the Coba site and the Sian Ka’an reserve, or a protected natural area with virgin landscapes, or even meeting a true Mayan shaman.

It is undoubtedly, the perfect spot to reconnect with oneself while disconnecting from the outside world.

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